Evaluation of PFA-100 closure times in cord blood samples of healthy term and preterm neonates

Serena Valsami, Maria Kollia, Vasiliki Mougiou, Rozeta Sokou, Elina Isaakidou, Maria Boutsikou, Abraham Pouliakis, Zoe Iliodromiti, Robert Carr, Theodora Boutsikou, Nicoletta Iacovidou, Marianna Politou

The investigation of neonatal platelet function remains an issue of ongoing research with conflicting results so far. The in vitro hyporesponsiveness of neonatal platelets, especially those of preterms, assessed using aggregometry and flow cytometry, is well established in both cord blood and peripheral neonatal blood [1]. However, the in vitro assessment of primary hemostasis via a platelet function analyzer (PFA) demonstrated enhanced primary hemostasis in healthy neonates compared to adults …

Clin Chem Lab Med 2020; 58(4): e113–e116

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